Lexember 2020!

Lexember is a conlanging tradition. During the month of December, you are supposed to make one word every day. Because I want to boost my word-count, I’m going to make at least 5. I will update this page everyday to keep myself accountable.

Lexember 1st: Nature; Catralian

  1. Alrat [alˈrat] n. River
  2. Alracren [al.raˈcrɛ̃] n. River Bank, River Shore
  3. Lībet [ˈliː.bet] n. Bush
  4. Cir [kir] n. Underbrush, Shrubbery
  5. Sum [sum] n. Mountain
  6. Suman [ˈsum.ɑ̃] n. Hill, Foothill, Small Mountain
  7. Sumando [ˈsum.ɑ̃.ðo] n. Hill

Lexember 2nd: Agriculture; Proto-Island-Peninsula & Kalersan

  1. *pʰet₁ [pʰet] v. Plow, Till Land, Scratch > Pet [pet] v. Plow, Till Land
  2. *pʰēbā [pʰeːbaː] n. Farmland > Pēphā [peːˈpʰaː] n. Farm, Paddy, Grazing Land
  3. *bagōs₂ [bagoːs̻] n. Farmer > Phacūš [ˈpʰa.kʰuːʃ] n. Farmer, Peasant
  4. *d₁at₁ur₂ [datuɹ] n. Wheat, Grass > Thatu [ˈtʰa.tu] n. Grass, Weed, Shrub
  5. *lēs₁a [leːsa] v. Gather, Harvest > Lēza [leːˈza] v. Harvest, Pick Up n. Harvest Season, Autumn

Lexember 3rd: Daily Life; Catralian

  1. Ēissatā [ei̯:s:ata:] v. Begin the Day’s Work, Wake Up, Start
  2. Tāc [taːk] n. Eat a Meal
  3. Tāppa [ˈtaː.pːa] n. Food Hall, Cafeteria, Mess Hall
  4. Cōtrus [ˈkoːt.rus] v. Worship, Pray
  5. Sōlme [ˈsoːl.me] v. Sleep, Rest
  6. Impī [ˈim.piː] ex. Hello, Goodmorning
  7. Sarta [ˈsar.ta] ex. Goodbye, Farewell

Lexember 4th: Culture-building; Kalersan

In Kalersan culture, the God of Winds is by far the most important. Ɂēŋos controlled not only the winds but the weather, tides, and spirits. If one was to neglect to honor his name, they would soon learn their lesson by curse or capsizing.
Traditionally, on all ships there is the Ɂēpāp. A ceramic vase covered in intricate paintings of what would happen to the ship if it were to not be carrying it. The captain assigned a worshipping flute, the Ɂēthū, used to call the crew to worship. Each man would of course know from childhood how to form prayer hands, Ɂēfāva, in a form we might know as a handflute.
Of course, those on a ship could not neglect to honor Phaviŋos, God of the seas. The great beasts who he provided for, the Phavithē, would happily gobble up the crew and their valuable goods. So a second vase would sit next to the first, the Phapāp, filled with holy mountain water and adorned with paintings of the great beasts.

  1. Ɂēŋos [ˈʔeː.ŋos] pr. God of Wind
  2. -ŋos [.ŋos] aff. God of X
  3. Pāp [pap] n. Holy Vase, from P.I.P *pā-pā (the word for place reduplicated)
  4. Ɂēpāp [ˈʔeː.paːp] n. Holy Wind Vase
  5. Ɂēthū [ʔeːˈtʰuː] n. Worship Flute, from P.I.P *xexd₁ū
  6. Ɂēfāva [ˈʔeː.faː.va] n. Prayer, Praying Hands
  7. Phaviŋos [ˈpʰa.vi.ŋos] pr. God of the Seas
  8. Phavithē [ˈpʰa.vi.tʰeː] n. Sea Monster
  9. Phapāp [ˈpʰa.paːp] n. Holy Water Vase

Lexember 5th: Clothing; Catralian

  1. Rāi [raːi̯] n. Tunic, Cloth, Shirt
  2. Firāi [ˈfi.raːi̯] n. Women’s Tunic
  3. Cūtton [ˈkuː.tːɔ̃] n. Sandal, Footwear
  4. Rēstō [ˈreː.stoː] n. Formal Wear, Robe, Fashion adj. Fashionable
  5. Ecos [ˈe.cos] n. Button

Lexember 6th-8th: Colours; Proto-Island-Peninsula & Kalersan

  1. *r₁īm [ɹiːm] n. Black adj. Dark, Black > Rīm [riːm] n. Black
  2. *kʰit₁ [kʰit] n. White, Yellow adj. White, Yellow, Sunny -> Kiɂ [kiɁ] n. White -> Kitkiɂ [ˈkit.kiɁ] n. Yellow
  3. *z₁ūr₁-v₁īz₁ [ˈzuːɹ.βiːz] n. Red adj. Red > Zūvīz [ˈzuː.viːz]
  4. *n₂ūr₁-d₂aen₂ [ˈn̻uːɹ.d̻a.en̻] n. Green adj. Treelike, Green > Ŋūdáy [ˈŋuː.dɑ̃j] n. Green
  5. *lūr₁bawil [luːɹˈba.wil] n. Blue adj. Blue > Lūphavi [ˈluː.pʰa.vi] n. Blue

Lexember 8th-14th: Musical Solmization; Catralian, Kalersan

I’ve been doing pretty bad with Lexember lately. Here’s a bit of a catch-up on something I’m really interested in. I’ll try to keep with it better in the coming days.

  • (C) ~Sūt [suː(t)] n. Do, Low C
  • (C) Sa [sa] n. Di, Low C♯
  • (C) Ga~Gat [ga(t)] n. Re, D
  • (C) [fɔː] n. Ri, D♯
  • (C) To [to] n. Mi, E
  • (C) Pi [pi] n. Fa, F
  • (C) Co [ko] n. Sol, G
  • (C) [biː] n. Le, A♭
  • (C) [waː] n. Ti, B
  • (C) Bēm-Sū [bɛ̃ː.suː] n. Do, High C
  • (K) Ā́ [ãː] n. Do, Low C
  • (K) Ū [uː] n. Me, E♭
  • (K) [viː] n. Fa, F
  • (K) Fi [fi] n. Sol, G
  • (K) [faː] n. La, A
  • (K) Pi Ā́ [piː ãː] n. Do, High C

Lexember 15th: Meals and Snacks; Catralian

  1. Yūypri [ˈjuːj.pri] n. Fried Flatbread
  2. Yūba [ˈjuː.ba] n. Sweet Doughball
  3. Casttē [ˈcas.tːeː] n. Fish on a Stick, Fishstick

I’m done with doing more than 1 or 2 words. I can’t sustain it this far in. I’ll complete what’s left, but I’m done with the 5+ goal. Maybe next year…

Lexember 20th: Bird Things; Proto-Island-Peninsula and Kalersan

  1. *t₂ōgos [ˈt̻oː.gos̻] n. Feather, Fletch v. Fletching an Arrow > Kūcuš [ˈkuː.kʰuʃ] n. Arrow Shaft, Fletch, Fletching v. Fletching an Arrow
  2. *d₁āmat₁ [ˈdaː.mat] n. Beak > Thāmaɂ [ˈtʰaː.maʔ] n. Beak, Lips, Arrow

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