Poetry in the Republic

Like all great civilizations, the Republic of Tusico produced many works of literature and poetry. Poetry in the Republic of Tusico was strongly influenced by that of the Shiashav Empire while remaining highly distinctive. The main attributes of Tusican poetry are a lack of highly conjugated verbs and strict word count rules. Because of the structure of words and the placement of stress, Tusico’s poetry does not focus on rhyme or rhythm. The aim of most works of poetry in this style is to evoke a vivid picture of a situation, no matter how mundane it may be.

By far the most prolific poet from the Republic was Col Remulis sen Dauta. Over a period of 30 years, Remulis compiled 200 of his poems into his magnum opus Antroda Statatrimi. Covering a huge variety of topics, the tome is a major artistic cultural landmark. As an example, Agranmi Mein or Dog Faces is about a series of run-ins with ugly people.

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