Hello There, Friendly Internaut!

You have reached the Conlanger’s Corner, a website created by Mr. Daniel Roggenkamp, and managed by Gabriel Wysong. You may have questions. I will try to answer these questions. Let’s begin!

  • What is a “Roggenkamp”?

Good question.

  • What is a “Conlanger”?

That’s a much easier question. A conlanger is someone who, in their free time, creates languages. These languages are known as conlangs, from CONstructed+LANGuage. I personally create languages for fun and use in a larger fictional world.

  • What is an “Internaut”?

An “internaut” is a person who explores the internet. It is a portmanteau of Internet and Astronaut.

  • Who is writing on this website?

This website is written by Gabriel Wysong, a 9th grader at Edgren Middle High School.